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Welcome to the Mrs. Smouse's 3rd Grade Class Web Page!

Photography In The Community

This is a web page created by Mrs. Smouse's 3rd Grade students who interviewed longtime Greensboro, North Carolina residents in  October’98 for the class newsletter called The Peace Paw. The students have followed up with the person they interviewed and have asked them to participate in a photo documentary project called ‘Photography In The Community’.

Kodak, Wolf Camera at the Four Seasons Town Center Mall, and NationsBank who sponsors an Education Initiative Volunteer Program, provided cameras, processing, and volunteer time for this class photography project. Please see our special Thank-you note.

A very special Thank-you goes to Mrs. Smouse. Her enthusiasm and guidance with this project are heart felt. This is her last year at Brooks Global Studies. She and her family are relocating in Lumberton, North Carolina. Mrs. Smouse also made photographs of the Greensboro community that she has been part of for the past 15 years.  You can see her photographs by pressing the following Peace Paw-

Mrs. Smouse's Photographs

Brooks Global Studies' extended family and friends wish Cathy and her family all the best. Thank-you for being a great teacher and friend- and for your contributions to our community. We will miss you!!


We are very excited about this project and having the opportunity to show what a great community we live in!

Peace Be With You All Ways

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